Expert medical simulation training - professional development course with the issuance of certificates started. The training will last until March 20, 2023.

European Institute of Simulation in Medicine, EuroMedSim is one of the organisers and providers of the unique EMSE programme. The EMSO course is conducted in a face-to-face format. Online lectures by world-leading experts are combined with interactive virtual courses and self-study materials, followed by practical training at leading simulation centres.

Issues to be studied:

  • Theoretical foundations of andragogy, innovative didactic techniques and methods.
  • Principles of simulation methods in medicine.
  • History of medical simulation training.
  • Types of simulation equipment and features of their use in the educational process.
  • Creation of the simulation curriculum for practical manipulations, diagnosis, development of clinical reasoning, surgiccal skills.
  • Creation of simulation curriculum for  team training, resource management in crisis.
  • Development of a clinical scenario
  • Debriefing practices